We bring cutting-edge websites to life for forward-thinking brands.


From startups to established companies. Premium web design in Melbourne that boosts your brand value and customer experience.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On-going search engine optimisation for your brand, ensuring that your impressive, new website gets seen by your target audience organically through Google search.


Creative Direction

Our expert creative direction builds a cohesive online brand experience that tells your business' unique story.


Acquisition & Engagement

We optimise your website to convert visitors into customers, driving your business success.


Digital Eco-System & Positioning

By developing a comprehensive digital ecosystem, we can solidify your online success through strategic positioning.


Competitor & Peer Analysis

Our web design is data driven. We leverage competitor and peer analysis to design a website that surpasses industry standards and elevates your brand.


Brand & Communication

Web design that translates your brand into a memorable digital experience for your visitors.


User Flow Discovery

Through user flow discovery, we design intuitive websites that seamlessly guide users towards conversion.


User & Customer Analysis

Deep user and customer analysis is the basis of our web design to achieve conversion-driven websites.


Creation & Ideation Workshopping

Bringing your ideas to life through creative workshopping. Our team of innovative, creative thinkers working with you to turn your website dreams into a reality.


Information Architecture

We craft clear information architecture for your website. This ensures your top-notch content is easy to find for users, boosting your digital success.


User Experience Design (UX)

Our web designers use the latest user experience (UX) design principles to build engaging and memorable experiences for your website visitors.


User Interface Design (UI)

Intuitive user interface design focussing on effortless navigation to achieve elevated engagement and increased conversion rates.


Customer Experience Design (CX)

Seamless customer experience design. Streamlining the path to from visitor to conversion and life long customer.


Accessibility Design (AA/AAA)

Our inclusive accessibility design ensures everyone can experience the web seamlessly.


Visual Communication

Through impactful visual communication, we craft logos, brand identities, and more to bring your brand values to life.


Digital Brand Transformation

Digital brand transformation by emd:digital. We craft strategic solutions that elevate your brand to its full potential.


Animation & Interaction Design (IxD)

We breathe life into your website with engaging animation and interaction web design, crafting a delightful user experience at every touchpoint.


Security & Maintenance

Confidentiality and security for both you and your website visitors. We add a secure lock on your website so you can focus on your business.


Speed & Performance Optimisation

Speed and performance optimisation included to get your website loading faster than your competitors. Speedy loading times leading to satisfied visitors and higher Google rankings.


Innovative & Future Tech

Using cutting-edge technology to streamline web development and establish your business as one step ahead of your competitors.


Accessibility & Compliance (AA/AAA)

Designing web tools for everyone, including those with low bandwidth, colour blindness, hearing or vision limitations.


API & SSO Integration

We integrate your website with any custom software or data source, making everything work together seamlessly for a flawless user experience.


CMS & Platform

Custom content management systems (CMS) and platforms designed specifically to streamline your online business operations.


Ecommerce Development

We build eCommerce websites that seamlessly align with your brand identity and attract your target audience.


Tech Architecture & Systems Design

Get a clear picture of your tech architecture. We assess everything, from code languages to databases, to ensure optimal performance of your new website.


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