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Accessibility & Compliance (AA/AAA)

Web tools shouldn’t exclude people from using their products and services, it’s a basic human right to have access to information and communications technologies. Accessibility is essential for developers and organisations that want to reach its full potential.


Ensuring accessibility and compliance with AA/AAA standards is not just a box to tick; it's a commitment to inclusivity. Find out the significance of Accessibility and Compliance (AA/AAA) in web design and our commitment to building accessible website for our clients.

Understanding Accessibility

Accessibility is about breaking down barriers and making the internet a welcoming space for everyone.

Why Accessibility Matters in Web Design

  • Inclusive Design: Designing with accessibility in mind ensures that your website is usable by people of all abilities.
  • Legal Compliance: Meeting AA/AAA standards aligns your business with international accessibility laws and standards.
  • Expanded Audience: An accessible website reaches a broader audience, potentially increasing your client base.

Common Accessibility Barriers

  • Visual Impairments: Consider users who rely on screen readers or braille displays.
  • Hearing Impairments: Provide captions and transcripts for multimedia content.
  • Motor Disabilities: Ensure your website is navigable with a keyboard or assistive devices.
  • Cognitive Disabilities: Simplify language and layout for better comprehension.

Understanding Compliance (AA/AAA):

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outline the standards for web content accessibility. The two main levels are AA (Priority 2) and AAA (Priority 3), each representing a different degree of conformance.

AA Compliance

  • Perceivable Information: Ensure all information and user interface components are presented to users in ways they can perceive.
  • Operable Navigation: Make all functionality available through a keyboard and avoid content that could cause seizures or physical discomfort.

AAA Compliance: Striving for Excellence:

  • Enhanced Perceivability: Go beyond AA by offering additional enhancements, such as sign language interpretations for multimedia content.
  • Customisable User Interfaces: Allow users to personalise aspects of your website to better suit their needs.

Implementing Accessibility & Compliance

Accessible Design Principles

  • Contrast and Colour Choices: Ensure sufficient contrast for text and background elements.
  • Readable Fonts: Opt for clear, legible fonts to enhance readability.
  • Consistent Navigation: Maintain a predictable and consistent navigation structure throughout your site.

Multimedia Accessibility

  • Alt Text: Provide descriptive alternative text for images.
  • Transcripts and Captions: Include transcripts for audio content and captions for videos.


Remember that accessibility and compliance are not constraints but opportunities. They are invitations to innovate and create digital spaces that resonate with a wide audience. By embracing AA/AAA standards, we ensure that your website is accessible to all.

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