Everly are a Melbourne-based property development firm with a focus on creating beautiful residential spaces. Collaborating with forward thinking architects and designers, Everly develop innovative residences that last a lifetime. Owner Adam Borowksi boasts over 10 years of experience in the Melbourne luxury property development space.

In Development
Client Industry

We were approached by Everly for a complete website overhaul and redesign to better align with the sophisticated and luxurious homes that they produce. The goal of the new website was to showcase Everly's extensive portfolio and currently listings effectively to visitors.

The client expressed an interested in Swiss style web design, with simplicity and conciseness as a priority. We utilised white space and subtlety throughout the design to achieve a sophisticated design that is a perfect digital extension of Adam Borowski's business.


Our goal for this project was to build a minimalist, sophisticated website that communicated Everly's brand and proposition effectively. The client expressed an interest in magazine style typography, hence we set out with an aim to achieve an editorial style for the design.

Overall our strategy was focussed on making a website that was both impactful, yet restrained and stylish.

The Solution

Everly required a new website that mirrored their sophistication and high-end property development offerings. We produced just that. Using Webflow as a platform our design team incorporated subtle animations and interactivity, ensuring that user experience was considered at the forefront of every feature.

After discussing with the client their design preferences, we devised a digital design solution that effectively uses white space meanwhile offering all the vital information required. The latest UX/ UI practices were also paramount to this project to build a website that could act as the centre of Everly's digital eco-system for years to come.

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