Top Property and Construction Websites of 2024

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Why is Web Design for Property and Construction Businesses Important?

Many property and construction businesses in 2024 still don't have a website. Either because they don't believe they need it or they simply aren't knowledgable around technology. This lack of a digital presence means a lot of property and construction businesses are missing out on a large amount of customers. 81% of users asked say that they will research a business online before making a purchase [Source: Zippia]. Meaning if your business doesn't have a website you're losing out on a lot of potential clients.

Web design is very important now that the majority of people will look for a service online and not in Yellow Pages printed directory anymore. Take a look at some of these property and construction websites to inspire you to get yourself online.

Examples of Great Property and Construction Web Design

Here are some great examples of web design for property and construction businesses in Australia. Note how each one is uniquely designed to reflect the business' values and philosophies.

We'll also point out the features that makes these website's stand out from the crowd to inspire your next property and construction web design project!


Everly are a property developer based in Melbourne who needed a new website to showcase their project portfolio and homes for sale. Their old website didn't mirror the luxury of the residences that Everly develop, hence looking the launch of their brand new site.

The design incorporates minimalist features and well-thought through use of white space to exude luxury.

Features to note include:

  • Minimalist web design: Gives a luxurious feel and remains subtle.
  • High quality imagery: Top quality imagery adds to the stunning design of Everly's website and furthers their brand.
  • Simple interactivity: Subtle interactions and animations compliment the minimalist design well to create a holistic experience for the user.

Cormack Developments

Cormack Developments are a high-end construction company based in Bayside, Melbourne. Constructing architecturally designed, luxury homes and restoring period homes across Melbourne.

We recently launched their brand new website to align with the stunning builds that Cormack Developments produce. The design incorporates a horizontal scroll, adding a modern touch to the site, alongside subtle animations.

cormack developments property and construction website

While Property and Construction sites usually mould themselves around portfolio sites, Cormack Developments goes much further than that. The seamless functionality, paired with high quality imagery, and modern design combines to achieve a memorable digital experience.

Key takeaways from Cormack Developments' website include:

  • Horizontal scroll: Stands out from other competitors in the luxury construction space by adding a modern element.
  • Subtle animation: Aligning with the subtle luxury of the high-end homes that Cormack Developments produce.
  • Responsive web design: Even with the advanced animated features and horizontal scroll, Cormack Developments' website still functions seamlessly on all device types and screen sizes.

Leicht Kitchens

Leicht Kitchens Australia is a leading international brand known for designing and fitting bespoke, high-end kitchens for residential spaces. Their portfolio website exemplifies this focus on clean lines and luxury.

The website's design is minimal yet captivating, drawing visitors in and encouraging them to explore further. This approach keeps the user's attention firmly on the stunning kitchen designs, avoiding distractions from flashy elements. Leicht achieves a seamless user flow, guiding visitors intuitively towards a conversion point, such as contacting a designer.

construction website

Looking for Inspiration? Consider Leicht's Approach

If you operate a similar business, Leicht Kitchens Australia offers valuable inspiration for your own website. Here are key takeaways:

  • Portfolio-style website: Showcase your best work with a portfolio format, allowing potential clients to envision your expertise.
  • Minimalist web design: Prioritise clean lines and uncluttered layouts to keep the focus on your product.
  • Simple interactivity: Integrate subtle interactive elements to enhance user engagement without overwhelming them.

By incorporating these elements, you can create a website that reflects the quality and sophistication of your brand, just like Leicht Kitchens Australia.

Crosier Scott Architecture

Crosier Scott Architecture boasts a stunning website that excels in both aesthetics and functionality. Key features contribute to this success:

  • High quality imagery: Professional-looking photos are crucial for any property and construction business. Crosier Scott Architecture understands this, showcasing their projects with captivating visuals that allow visitors to envision the quality of their work.
  • Social proof to build trust: Testimonials from satisfied clients hold significant weight for potential clients. By making these testimonials easily accessible, Crosier Scott Architecture builds trust and establishes themselves as a credible firm.
construction website

The interactive elements on Crosier Scott Architecture's website play a role in further enhancing the user experience. Interactive features can allow visitors to explore projects in more depth, fostering a deeper connection with the firm's work.

Overall, Crosier Scott Architecture's website serves as a prime example of how a well-designed online presence can effectively showcase a property and construction business.


RDLA has taken their online presence to the next level with a stunning website redesign. This engaging platform puts their impressive portfolio and landscape architecture expertise front and centre.

construction website
  • Seamless navigation: Intuitive navigation allows visitors to effortlessly explore RDLA's services, from residential gardens to public spaces. Clear and concise information ensures you quickly grasp the breadth of their capabilities.
  • High quality imagery: High quality visuals showcase RDLA's design process and innovative solutions in action. Visitors can explore their projects, from retirement communities to schools, and see how they transform landscapes to create functional and beautiful spaces.
  • Responsive web design: the website's responsive design ensures a flawless experience across all devices – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Explore RDLA's impressive portfolio website, and get inspired by the possibilities for your own project.

EMAC Constructions

EMAC Constructions, a leader in crafting extraordinary retail and hospitality spaces in Australia, understands the power of a captivating online presence. Their website reflects their commitment to innovation and collaboration, offering a user experience designed to impress.

construction website

EMAC's website is more than a static portfolio. It utilises:

  • Modern animations: Smooth, modern animations bring their projects to life, showcasing the impact of EMAC's design expertise on any device.
  • Interactive storytelling: Compelling narratives woven throughout the site take visitors on a journey, detailing EMAC's collaborative process and sustainable practices.
  • High quality video: Professional video content allows you to virtually step inside EMAC's stunning creations, experiencing the atmosphere and functionality firsthand.
  • Hover effects: Interactive elements come alive on hover, revealing deeper details about featured projects and the team behind them.

These features combine to create a website that's more than just an information portal; it's an engaging experience. Visitors can explore EMAC's capabilities in a dynamic way, building a deeper connection with users.

Final Thoughts

A website is a powerful tool for property and construction businesses. With so many consumers researching online before making a decision, having a strong web presence is no longer optional.

It allows you to showcase your expertise, connect with potential clients, and stay ahead of the competition. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your business online.Take inspiration from other successful property and construction websites and get started on yours today.

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