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EMAC is a leading construction company dominating in cutting edge design for retail and hospitality spaces. Sustainable methods, collaboration with clients, and top tier talent mean EMAC consistently deliver stunning, custom fit-outs across Australia.

In Development
Client Industry

For EMAC, creating a website that mirrored the sophistication and attention to detail of their pristine fit-outs was a necessity. Our approach focused on a user-centric experience, ensuring a seamless journey for visitors. To achieve this, we incorporated modern animations and interactive elements. These engaging features leave a lasting impression and effectively showcase the quality and expertise associated with the EMAC brand.


Our mission for EMAC Constructions was to develop an elegant website that effectively highlights their impressive portfolio and services. We aimed to prioritise a user-centric design with a responsive layout, ensuring a seamless browsing experience on all devices. Additionally, the website's design aligns seamlessly with EMAC Constructions' commitment to quality and innovation, creating a cohesive online brand experience.

The Solution

The result of our collaboration with EMAC Constructions is a website that embodies both minimalism and sophistication. This new platform effectively highlights EMAC's impressive portfolio and the comprehensive services they offer. To create a truly engaging user experience, we strategically incorporated interactive elements throughout the website. These elements include subtle animations and hover effects that capture visitors' attention and encourage them to explore EMAC's work in greater detail. This focus on user engagement ensures a memorable experience that goes beyond simply showcasing a portfolio.

The positive response from EMAC speaks volumes about the success of the project. They are thrilled with the website's ability to not only showcase their expertise but also to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

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