The Commons

Offering premium co-working spaces in Melbourne and Sydney, The Commons takes shared workspaces to a new level, always adapting to the ever changing work style of the 21st century. Each location is crafted with its members in mind; within every space is a unique design to correspond with it's surrounding area.

In Development
Client Industry

Following The Commons' brand refresh, we were tasked with building a new website that reflected their modern vision. A central focus of the project involved clearly communicating the breadth of their offerings to potential clients. This included showcasing The Commons' extensive portfolio of co-working spaces across Melbourne and Sydney. To achieve this, we implemented an advanced and interactive map feature.

This dynamic tool allows users to explore all The Commons locations within the two major Australian cities, visualising the features and amenities available at each space. By prioritising clear communication and user experience, the website effectively positions The Commons as a leader in the co-working industry.


The focus of the website is to showcase The Commons' comprehensive portfolio of co-working spaces strategically located across Melbourne and Sydney. We planned to achieve this through a user-friendly and visually appealing interface, effectively communicating The Commons' value proposition to potential tenants. Our main objective was to create a website that portrays The Commons as one of Australia's leading co-working space providers.

The Solution

Following The Commons' brand refresh, we designed a sleek and seamless website that perfectly captures their modern and collaborative spirit. Using advanced interactive features, the website we created goes beyond static information display. These elements bring The Commons' unique co-working spaces to life, allowing potential clients to virtually experience the vibrant atmosphere and amenities offered at each location.

We meticulously designed the website to ensure smooth user experience on all devices and platforms. This commitment to accessibility guarantees that all visitors, regardless of technical limitations, can easily explore The Commons' co-working spaces and discover the perfect workspace for their needs. The website serves as a captivating online extension of The Commons' brand. With modern features, such as elements inspired by Instagram stories, we truly captures the uniqueness of The Commons' brand.

Ultimately, the website seamlessly blends functionality with visual appeal, effectively informing potential clients while showcasing the company's position as a leader in the co-working industry.

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