The Commons

Offering premium co-working spaces in Melbourne and Sydney, The Commons takes shared workspaces to a new level, always adapting to the ever changing work style of the 21st century. Each location is crafted with its members in mind; within every space is a unique design to correspond with it's surrounding area.

In Development

We were engaged to create a new website in-line with the brand refresh for The Commons. A large focus of the project was to clearly articulate to prospective tenants the extensive portfolio of locations and features across Melbourne and Sydney. This included an advanced and interactive map feature illustrating all of The Commons co-working spaces across the two major Australian cities.

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To create a sophisticated and advanced portfolio website in-line with The Commons brand refresh and to portray The Commons as one of Australia's leading co-working space providers.

The Solution

Using advanced interactive features we created a sleek, seamless website that perfectly encapsulates the essence of The Commons, meanwhile successfully informing potential tenants. We further ensured that all advanced animations ran smoothly on all devices and platforms to achieve a full accessible website for all visitors.