At our core, we're a boutique, creative agency that specialise in designing websites.

Web Design + Development

The team at EMD Digital have been designing and developing contemporary, stylish & sophisticated websites since 2015. Whether it's an eCommerce, showcase, portfolio or informational based website you require to promote your business, we ensure your website adopts all the latest web design & development trends including mobile optimisations and search engine optimisations.

As our websites are self-managed, we provide you with concise training on how to make updates so you will feel confident you’ll be able to edit your site yourself all the way through to publishing the changes live. It’s super easy!

Brand Development + Graphic Design

From new brands and logos to creative graphic design & animation, our designers can design new brands for your startup or redesign an older & outdated brand to bring it in line with modern design standards, ensuring it’s still current and resonates with your existing client target market & consumer demographic.

Website, Domain + Email Hosting

We manage all the boring stuff ensuring you have a single touchpoint when it comes to your digital services. From web hosting, domain registration and email hosting, we are only a phone call away and will provide a thorough and reliable service to assist with any troubleshooting or other administrative requirements you might have.

Copywriting + Content Creation

Our copywriting service provides a thorough and thought-provoking process to discover and capture the most important things about your business and succinctly convey them to your prospects and target audience in irresistible, engaging written ways.

Creative copywriting when written by a professional can be the difference between a prospective customer skimming over your website versus an engaged, well-informed customer who has a thorough understanding of your business’s products and services.

Photography + Videography

Quality, high-resolution image assets have the ability to create an emotional connection with your audience and deliver a story of information through an immersive website experience, drawing the eye of the visitor to what you want them to experience or learn about your business.

Our professional photographers & videographers are first class in their field. Available onsite to produce a beautiful, engaging portfolio of web-ready high-res image files, they’ll ensure you have awesome digital assets that are on point to bring your website to life.

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