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Crosier Scott Architecture

Web Design Melbourne

At emd:digital, we had the opportunity to partner with Crosier Scott Architects in Melbourne on their website. As a seasoned architecture studio specialising in interior and urban design, Crosier Scott Architects wanted a website that effectively highlighted their wealth of experience across various sectors, including commercial, education, seniors living, residential, and industrial.

To ensure the website met their expectations, our team at emd:digital performed market research and analysed competitors to stay ahead of the curve in terms of design trends and best practices. We also engaged in conversations with Crosier Scott Architects to understand their desired look and feel for the website.

The result of this collaboration was a sleek and modern website, showcasing Crosier Scott Architects' impressive portfolio of projects and their expertise in architectural design. From wireframes to prototypes, and finally, to a fully functional website, we took a meticulous approach to deliver a professional and aesthetically pleasing online presence that aligned with Crosier Scott Architects' brand.

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