Crosier Scott Architecture

Crosier Scott, third-generation architecture and planning firm, specialise in innovative interior and urban design. With over 70 years of experience, Crosier Scott Architects are incredibly well respected in the architecture space; promoting functional designs focused on longevity.

In Development
Client Industry

We were chosen to partner with Crosier Scott Architecture, a renowned Melbourne-based architecture studio specialising in interior and urban design. Recognising the breadth of their expertise, our objective was to create a website that effectively showcased Crosier Scott Architecture's extensive experience across various sectors. This included commercial, educational, senior living, residential, and industrial projects. The resulting website was designed with Crosier Scott Architecture's goals in mind and optimised for conversions.


Our objective was to create a website that surpassed expectations. We undertook a comprehensive pre-development research phase. This included in-depth market research and competitor analysis, keeping us at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. Collaboration was key. We engaged in extensive discussions with Crosier Scott Architecture to gain a deep understanding of their desired aesthetics and user experience for the website. This open dialogue ensured our design direction seamlessly aligned with their vision and aspirations.

The Solution

Through a collaborative effort, emd:digital and Crosier Scott Architecture, brought a stunning website to life. Our goal was to create a website that not only showcased their impressive portfolio but also reflected their innovative approach to interior and urban design. The project began with an in-depth discovery research phase. We conducted thorough market research and competitor analysis to ensure the website remained at the forefront of design trends. Through extensive discussions with the client, we gained a deep understanding of their vision for the user experience and desired aesthetics.

This collaborative approach laid the groundwork for the website's efficient development. We meticulously built wireframes and interactive prototypes,  refining the design until it perfectly aligned with Crosier Scott Architecture's brand identity. The final product is a sleek and modern website that expertly highlights their diverse portfolio and leading services.

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