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LEICHT are a multi-award winning kitchen brand crafting bespoke kitchens as well as a certified carbon neutral manufacturer. Offering innovative design centred around personal style and expressive, complex design concepts, LEICHT Australia bring German design to the Southern Hemisphere.

In Development
Client Industry

emd:digital was chosen to design and develop a website that reflects the elegance and minimalism of LEICHT's luxury kitchens. The website serves as a sophisticated portfolio, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship through high-quality visual assets.


Our mission was to equip LEICHT Australia with a leading portfolio website that seamlessly aligns with the established global brand identity. This new platform needed to serve as a powerful online showcase, meticulously built to reflect the elegance and sophistication synonymous with LEICHT's luxury kitchens.

The Solution

At the core of LEICHT Australia's new website lies a user centric approach. The website prioritises a seamless browsing experience, designed to feel as luxurious as the kitchens themselves. We achieved this by utilising high-quality visuals and intuitive navigation, allowing users to explore LEICHT's vast catalogue of boutique kitchens with ease.

To further enhance user engagement, the website strategically incorporates clear and compelling calls to action. These CTAs encourage visitors to delve deeper into LEICHT's offerings, whether it's browsing detailed product information or scheduling a design consultation. With the goal of conversions in mind, we optimised the website to lead visitors through an intricately designed user-flow. Ultimately, the website aims to not only showcase LEICHT's craftsmanship but also convert potential customers into loyal patrons.

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