RDLA, founded by award-winning Landscape Architect Rob Davies, is a distinguished Landscape Architecture practice renowned for its innovative designs and consulting services across diverse project scales and sectors.

In Development
Client Industry

emd:digital partnered with RDLA to build a dynamic online presence that reflects their expertise in landscape architecture. Our mission was to create a website that not only showcases their extensive portfolio but also fosters a clear understanding of RDLA's capabilities for potential clients. Ensuring user-friendly navigation was key, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore RDLA's work and gain valuable insights into their design process.


The project aimed to create a sophisticated website for RDLA Landscape Architecture. This website would solidify their industry leadership, showcase the breadth of their work, and position them as a trusted design and consulting partner. By highlighting their accomplishments and expertise, the website would attract new clients.

The Solution

We designed a website that seamlessly merges cutting-edge design with a user-centric approach.  This website is both visually stunning and strategically leverages the latest web design techniques to create an intuitive and engaging user experience. Imagery and content work in together to effectively showcase RDLA's work across various sectors. This includes Retirement and Aged Care, Residential Gardens and Estates, Developments, Schools and Education, Parks, Infrastructure, and Public Spaces.

Visitors can delve deeper into RDLA's impressive portfolio through our interactive platform.  This platform provides valuable insights into their design process and innovative solutions. To ensure a captivating experience across all devices and platforms, we incorporated advanced features and subtle animations. These elements not only enhance the visual appeal of the website but also guarantee flawless functionality, regardless of how visitors choose to access the website.

Overall, the website reflects RDLA's expertise and has a positive user experience for potential clients.

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