Cormack Developments

Cormack Developments are a high-end construction company based in Bayside, Melbourne. Specialising in luxury residential builds and period home restoration, the team at Cormack Developments are a leader in the construction industry. An impressive portfolio that spans 35 years shows Russel Cormack's dedication to turning architectural home designs into a reality.

In Development
Client Industry

We were awarded with the opportunity to build a new website that reflected the luxurious homes that Cormack Developments produce. Most importantly, the new website needed to serve as a digital extension of the brand that spoke to both home owners and architects alike. The main goal of the website was to showcase the stunning projects completed by Cormack Developments, as well as portraying the professionalism that Russel Cormack brings to every prospective client or architect partner.

The new website was completed to the highest possible standard. Using the latest UX and UI practices, alongside a modern horizontal scrolling feature, we produced a website that exudes the same luxury of Cormack Developments' builds. This new website positions Cormack Developments as a leader in their industry, ready to accept new projects from home owners and architects alike.


The aim for Cormack Developments' new website was to create a digital asset that acts as a professional portfolio for architects and home owners to see the plethora of work that Russell Cormack produces. Our overall mission was to build a website that stood out from the crowd.

We strategised to achieve this through modern web design features and top-notch user experience design. Effective communication of Cormack Developments' ability to collaborate with architects and building designers was paramount to this project.

The Solution

Cormack Developments needed a website that could effectively communicate their high-end construction service offering, meanwhile position the brand as a leader in the Bayside area.

The project began with a rigorous competitor research phase. We conducted thorough market research to determine how other successful construction website in the area positioned themselves and any gaps in the digital space. Equipped with this knowledge, our expert developers set out to design a website that aligned with Cormack Developments' brand identity.

Using advance web design features we achieved just that. Horizontal scroll creates a memorable experience of any visitor to the site, captivating users in the interactive elements matched with high quality imagery. The result, a website that blends aesthetics and functionality perfectly.

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