United Nations Innovation Network

Founded in 2015, United Nations Innovation Network is a collaborative community that values and promotes innovation within the United Nations System. Hosting regular knowledge sharing sessions, United Nations Innovation Network is driven forward by and for the interests of its members to achieve a culture of innovation and constant evolution of its Sustainable Development Goals.

In Development
Client Industry

The United Nations Innovation Network (UNIN) sought emd:digital's expertise to develop a new website. Their primary goal was to increase public awareness of their diverse initiatives and programs. The website also needed to provide a user-friendly platform for individuals to actively engage and contribute insightful resources that promote innovation with the United Nations.


The United Nations Innovation Network (UNIN) project aimed to create a dynamic platform that allowed stakeholders within the United Nations system to contribute their expertise on innovation quickly and easily to the UNIN website. This user-generated content would fuel the website's ongoing evolution, building a rich resource for the global community. Importantly, the platform was designed to be user-friendly, allowing for effortless submission without the need for complex back-end management.

The Solution

A key aspect of this project involved creating a user-friendly platform for the United Nations Innovation Network (UNIN). This platform allows journalists and writers to seamlessly upload their articles and contribute to a rich knowledge base. Furthermore, UNIN benefits from a flexible design system that empowers them to effortlessly create new pages without relying on developers.

While the website boasts a simple and elegant user interface, a robust back-end system ensures its smooth operation. This intricate network of functionalities operates seamlessly, creating an intuitive and natural user experience. Overall, the platform empowers United Nations Innovation Network to leverage the expertise of a global network of contributors while maintaining complete control over their website's content and structure.

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