Writing Tips for Effective Not-for-profit Website Content

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A well designed not-for-profit or charity website will help you connect with your audience on a greater level and boost your global impact. To thrive in the not-for-profit space in 2024 high quality web design and content are a must in this digital age. One of the most important aspects of any site is a blog or insights page, whether it's to rank on Google or give your visitors a place to learn, a blog page has many benefits to a not-for-profit.

At emd:digital we recently worked with United Nations Innovation Network to build an impactful website that was accessible, responsive and encouraged action from visitors. A huge part of this project was the creation of a platform for writers to submit content to UN Innovation's insights, creating a dynamic blog that basically runs itself. Let's dive deeper into how a dynamic blog like United Nation Innovation's, or any insights page is hugely beneficial to a not-for-profit website and how to create this content.

Why Do I Need a Blog?

The top three reasons your not-for-profit website should have a blog:

  1. SEO benefits
  2. Build your authority
  3. Educate users about your cause

An on-site blog has many benefits aside from just looking pretty. One major benefit of the insights page to a not-for-profit website is search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation (SEO): A series of tactics to achieve greater visibility on search engine landing pages without using paid advertising.

A basic tactic of SEO is a regularly updated blog page that is optimised for relevant keywords that your potential collaborators and donors will be searching. Google ranks websites based off of their authority, trustworthiness and expertise and a well-sustained blog is a great way to get Google to see your organisation as all three and rank you highly among popular search terms.

Aside from the SEO benefits, a blog  builds your non-profit's brand authority and educates your visitors about your cause. Visitors who have access to a plethora of think pieces and blog posts about your organisation are more likely to engage in comparison to a non-profit website that lacks this feature. A blog is a wonderful opportunity to post updates and show-off your expertise, meanwhile educating users on the importance of your cause and the individual impact they could make.

What Makes a Good Not-for-Profit Blog Post?

Above all else, blog posts should be informative, entertaining and well-researched. Whether you approach a content writing agency or create the content yourself it's imperative that everything you post on your not-for-profit blog is well-informed or it could damage your reputation. To get started focus on the key points surrounding your organisation and write about that, as a non-profit in that space you will be a thought leader!

On top of engaging posts, as discussed above you can benefit from your blog on Google by optimising your content. For a blog to be well received by Google and other search engines it should be at least 300-500 words and contain long tail keywords. Remember that keyword stuffing can appear as spam to Google, so focus on writing high-quality content with your keywords selectively sprinkled throughout.

To find keywords related to your organisation you can use Google's suggestions! Simply type in a word that's related to your business and look at what Google suggests you search. Otherwise you can engage with a creative agency that specialises in non-profit SEO to complete an in depth keyword analysis, looking at exactly what any similar not-for-profit websites are ranking for and get your website to the top of the results page.

What Should a Not-for-Profit Write About?

As a not-for-profit I'm sure you could speak about your cause for hours; using your blog is a great way to get this information out to the public. Supports of non-profits appreciate transparency from an organisation so being candid in your articles is key. Maxmise your engagement and donors with these 10 not-for-profit blog post ideas.

Not-for-profit blog post inspiration:

  1. Promotion of upcoming events
  2. Tips on how people can get involved
  3. Updates on your cause and recent work
  4. Evergreen content on your specific cause and why it's important
  5. Interviews with keynote speakers in your space
  6. Meet the team posts
  7. Posts answering common misconceptions about your space
  8. Interview a donor
  9. Answer frequently asked questions
  10. Share news about volunteer and staff openings

We know that writing blog posts can be daunting, especially when your cause means so much. Above all else, setting a tone that resonates with your not-for-profit and audience is the most important part, then the education and entertainment value will come naturally. You are the thought leader in your space; so go on - get blogging!

Guest Posting and User Generated Content for Not-for-Profit Websites

The website we built for United Nations Innovation Centre was focussed around the ability for writers and journalists to be able to upload their own work to the insights page. This is usually referred to as user generated content or guest posting. Building a living, breathing library of resources adds authority to UNIN's website, as well as making them a pillar in their space. The self-sustaining nature of this blog benefits an organisation like UN Innovation Centre as the blog page manages itself, meanwhile engages users to get involved. It became easier than ever for users to get involved in their initiatives.

United Nations Innovation Library

Reaching out to writers and bloggers who share your cause is a brilliant way to get content for your not-for-profit website's blog. Cross promotion and back linking is not only good for garnering content, but can also benefit your SEO score on Google. Consider collaboration in the future to build your blog and blast it off to new heights on Google!

Final Thoughts

By now hopefully you see that content is an incredibly important tool to engage with your visitors as a not-for-profit. When you're writing copy that's inspiring, engaging and educational visitors are compelled to get involved however they can. Plus as an added bonus, a well written blog can improve your not-for-profit's website visibility on search engines and get your organisation reaching new potential volunteers and donors.

Whether you choose to write your blog yourself or approach a professional, the focus should always be the incredible work your not-for-profit does. that's why at emd:digital we love working in the not-for-profit space, our slogan 'digital for the better' is truly what drives us forward.

It's time to get writing! Boost your not-for-profit to new heights!

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