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InPlace Living specialises in designing and developing customised Specialist Disability Accommodation across all categories, catering to individuals with complex and high support needs and offering a diverse range of services and housing opportunities.

In Development
Client Industry

emd:digital partnered with InPlace Living to modernise their website. We wanted to focus on simplifying the browsing experience for users looking at available housing options. We prioritised a seamless user experience, ensuring easy navigation and clear information access for all visitors. Additionally, the website design incorporates accessibility best practices, making it inclusive for users with disabilities.


Our mission for InPlace Living was to design and develop a user-centric website that prioritises both clarity and accessibility. This involved designing a well-structured platform with intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive database for all the available housing options. This database is integrated with an interactive map, allowing users to explore property details and compare features visually, to make an informed decision about their housing needs.

The Solution

We designed a user-centric website that seamlessly integrates accessibility best practices outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This ensures a website that is not only easy to use but also accessible for users with disabilities. Particular focus was placed on navigation, ensuring a smooth experience for all visitors.

The website features a comprehensive and informative experience for users browsing the housing options on offer by InPlace Living. We developed an extensive house listing page alongside a detailed, interactive map. This powerful combination allows users to explore available properties with ease, compare features visually, and make informed decisions about their housing needs.

Overall, the new InPlace Living website not only adheres to accessibility standards but also effectively showcases InPlace Living's offerings, meeting their goals while prioritising a user-friendly experience for all.

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