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Sundance Marine

Web Design Melbourne

At emd:digital, we were honoured to partner with Sundance Marine on their web design project. As a leading boat sales and brokerage company based in Melbourne's Sandringham Yacht Club, Sundance Marine offers a comprehensive boating experience and hosts a range of exclusive events and services.

To ensure a seamless and effective design process, our team at Emd Digital conducted user research and designed multiple low-fidelity prototypes to align on the desired look and feel of the website. This allowed us to validate the website's design before proceeding with the full development.

The end result was a user-centric website that showcases Sundance Marine's extensive range of boats and yachts, as well as their news, events, and company information. Our team leveraged the latest UI/UX design principles to create an intuitive and engaging user interface (UI), including interactive elements such as hover effects and animation to enhance the user experience (UX).

Additionally, the website was optimised for responsiveness and accessibility, ensuring that it provides a smooth experience for visitors across all devices and meets their needs and preferences. Through our focus on usability and user-centered design, emd:digital delivered a website that not only looks great, but also provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for Sundance Marine's customers.

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