Royal Society of Victoria

Royal Society Victoria is the oldest scientific society in Victoria; a community of educators, practitioners, and enthusiasts all with a goal to nurture scientific knowledge for the benefit of the state of Victoria. Evidence-based decision making, scientific literacy, and purposeful actions are the backbone of Royal Society Victoria's mission.

In Development

We were engaged to redevelop an out-dated WordPress website in Webflow. Careful consideration was required to develop a content management system (CMS) natively in Webflow. This allowed stakeholders at Royal Society Victoria to easily and effectively curate and manage a large database of articles, manage events, and promote the publication of the Science Victoria Magazine.


To create a user-friendly website with consideration of a diverse user segment across the science industry in Victoria. Primarily, we focussed on developing a seamless backend experience for the client to manage a large catalogue of articles, content, events, and promotion of the Science Victoria Magazine publication.

The Solution

We built a native CMS in Webflow that gave agency to the client, allowing them to manage a whole host of content with ease.