Royal Society of Victoria

The Royal Society of Victoria is the oldest scientific society in Victoria; a community of educators, practitioners, and enthusiasts all with a goal to nurture scientific knowledge for the benefit of the state of Victoria. Evidence-based decision making, scientific literacy, and purposeful actions are the backbone of The Royal Society of Victoria's mission.

In Development
Client Industry

The Royal Society of Victoria engaged our team to modernise their web presence. The existing WordPress website required a complete overhaul. We migrated RSV to Webflow, a robust and flexible platform. A critical aspect of the project involved the development of a native content management system (CMS) within Webflow. This custom CMS empowers RSV stakeholders with the ability to efficiently manage a vast article database, maintain event calendars, and promote publications like Science Victoria Magazine.


Our goal was to design a user-friendly website catering to the diverse needs of Victoria's scientific community. We prioritised a seamless back-end experience for the client. Ultimately, this would allow them to efficiently manage their extensive collection of articles, various content types, upcoming events, and promotional efforts for Science Victoria Magazine.

The Solution

Recognising the importance of user experience for both website visitors and content managers, we prioritised the development of a native CMS within Webflow itself. This eliminated the need for external plugins or integrations, creating a streamlined experience for The Royal Society Victoria stakeholders and website visitors alike.
The custom Webflow CMS gave them complete control over their website content. This included the ability to manage a vast article database, maintain a dynamic events calendar, and seamlessly promote their publications. The intuitive CMS allows for efficient organisation, editing, and publishing of articles, facilitating easy sharing of scientific resources.

Similarly, RSV can effortlessly update their event calendar, ensuring clear communication with the scientific community. The native CMS also enables seamless promotion of the Science Victoria Magazine, allowing The Royal Society of Victoria to showcase groundbreaking research and connect with a wider audience. This approach not only streamlined content management but also provided RSV with a high degree of control over their website's content strategy, ensuring a robust and informative online presence for the scientific community of Victoria.

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