Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel offers a series of cosy and intimate, beautifully curated spaces offering a wide range of drinking and dining experiences. The hotel brings new life to one of Melbourne's favourite classic public houses. With a menu that focusses on seasonal, fresh ingredients, Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel has an ultimate goal of creating a relaxing, corner pub experience for their customers.

In Development
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Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel engaged us to build a website that reflects their unique personality. The objective was to develop a platform that mirrors the establishment's fresh, artisanal food offerings and stunning event spaces. The key focus was to strike a balance between sophistication and approachability. The website's design needed to convey a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that all potential guests feel comfortable stepping through the doors.

Additionally, a key priority was showcasing the hotel's private function spaces prominently. The website's navigation and layout were designed to ensure these spaces are easily discoverable and visually appealing to potential clients.


For Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel, our mission was to design a sophisticated and responsive website. This platform would not only showcase their diverse private function spaces but also highlight their vibrant drinking and dining experiences. Prioritising high-quality visuals and a sleek design aesthetic, the website aims to capture the hotel's unique personality. This translates into a website that reflects the vibrancy and character that Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel is known for, effectively attracting potential guests.

The Solution

Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel's vibrant personality deserved a website to match. We crafted an image-rich platform that serves as a stunning website for potential guests to visit. High-quality photography takes centre stage, showcasing the hotel's diverse offerings, from its stunning private function spaces to its dining and bar scene.

Seamless user experience ensures that navigating the website is as enjoyable as exploring the venue itself. Utilising the latest UX/UI functionalities, the website adapts flawlessly to all devices, be it a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. This responsiveness guarantees accessibility for all potential visitors, regardless of their preferred device.

The website maintains smooth performance, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Overall, the website embodies the unique spirit of Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel; vibrant, welcoming, and effortlessly stylish.

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