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The Dental Co Chapel St Aus is a dedicated dental clinic committed to restoring smiles and promoting oral health. With an expert team of skilled dental professionals, including dentists, oral health therapists, and support staff, they offer a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse dental needs.

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The Dental Co engaged us for a website redesign and development project to elevate their digital presence and enhance user experience. Our objective was to build a modern, user-friendly platform that effectively communicated their team's dedication to exceptional dental care. This new platform prioritises clear and accessible information for both existing and prospective patients.


This project aimed to develop a digital platform that embodies The Dental Co's commitment to restoring smiles and promoting excellent oral health. The website's objective was not only to attract new patients but also to build patient loyalty. By prioritising user experience, streamlining information accessibility, and strengthening The Dental Co's online presence, we aimed to create a website that reflects their dedication and provides a seamless experience for all visitors.

The Solution

We designed and developed a modern, responsive website that reflects Dental Co's unwavering commitment to their patients and exceptional dental care. Their new user-centric website prioritises a seamless experience for all visitors with a clean and intuitive interface. Serving as a comprehensive resource for both existing and prospective patients, the website features in-depth service information, allowing users to make informed decisions about their oral health needs.

Additionally, detailed profiles showcase the expertise and experience of The Dental Co's dental professionals, building trust and confidence. A dedicated section of the site provides valuable patient resources, including educational content, FAQs, and post-operative care instructions.

Finally, the website integrates a convenient online appointment scheduling functionality, allowing patients to easily book appointments at their convenience. By prioritising user experience and accessibility, the website effectively communicates The Dental Co's dedication to excellence in dental care. This translates to a robust online presence that not only attracts new patients but also grows loyalty among existing ones, ultimately positioning The Dental Co as a leader in the dental care industry.

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