Leisure & Entertainment Web Design Q&A: An Interview with Pico Play

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Designing and developing successful digital experiences is our bread and butter at emd:digital. We can tailor web design to many different industries with an understanding that no two businesses are the same. We were approached by world-leading attraction design business Pico Play to design a dynamic new website that mirrored Pico Play's inventive attractions.

We spoke with Susan Anehagen, Business Development Manager, and Jessica Farias, Marketing Specialist at Pico Play, to get their expert opinion on web design for leisure and entertainment businesses and their web redesign project.

What prompted your website redesign? What was missing from your previous website?

Our old website was super slow; the templates and styles were dated and overdue for an update. We wanted a fresh approach which was visually appealing, with dynamic movement and improved user experience to better align with our innovative business ventures.

As a global leader of attraction design, do you think a website is a fundamental necessity to continue your success? Why or why not?

Our website is the face of our organisation. It’s the place potential customers and partners go for verification and credibility of our capabilities and services. It takes just a few seconds for users to form an opinion. This snap judgement can make or break us hence why a website is so important in our industry.

How has the internet changed promotion and outreach within the leisure and entertainment industry?

The internet has changed promotion and outreach within the leisure and entertainment industry by expanding reach globally. Through websites, social media, digital ads, leisure and entertainment companies can promote themselves to people all over the world, breaking geographical barriers.

The internet enables targeted advertising based on demographics, interests and behaviour. This precision targeting ensures that promotional efforts are directed towards clients most likely to be interested in the leisure and entertainment products or services being offered. Also, customers can interact with the brands through social media campaigns, which helps build a stronger connection between customers, company and generating free awareness.

Furthermore, the internet facilitates online booking and ticketing systems, making it convenient for consumers to purchase tickets or make reservations. The companies can provide real-time updates about events, promotions through websites or social media.

Are there any technological advancements that you think will change the way you use the web to promote Pico Play globally?

For sure AI will help us to promote Pico Play globally. It’ll help us with content creation, image and video recognition. AI is being integrated into AR and VR, so I think it’ll help to showcase our services and offer virtual tours through our 3D designs.

Did you learn anything new while working with emd:digital to develop your new website?

Yes, I learned how to use Webflow, a platform I didn't know before, and I found it super easy and intuitive to use.

Have you had any feedback on your new website? What have people had to say?

People are saying our new website is loading way faster. It’s modern and easy to navigate.

Our experience designing website for leisure and entertainment businesses

At emd:digital we understand that every industry has its specific needs when it comes to web design. Our talented web designers will take time to learn about your business and pinpoint the most important aspects and features to add to your website. For Pico Play, their website is integral to their business, it's the first impression of a potential partner and can have a large effect on business success. Look no further for responsive, dynamic web design for leisure and entertainment businesses across Australia and the globe.

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