Echo is a youth-led not-for-profit organisation that promotes economic and financial literacy amongst regional and rural Australia. Echo aim to equip all young Australians with the ability to make informed economic and financial choices. Needing to connect with High School students as the primary demographic, the site uses modern and clean graphics and a bright feel to lighten up the sometimes overwhelming topic and reflect the simplification Echo provide to their students to help them understand the complex subjects.

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EMD Digital is an extremely professional and competent Web Design Agency. Daniel has been an incredible pleasure to work with as he completely understood my organisation's needs and very accommodative of our budget. Tracy has been very prompt and diligent in communicating with my team and has ensured a very convenient yet comprehensive website production process. Dave has blessed our website with his natural talent and flair, and delivered a website that completely exceeded my expectations and standards. The greatest strength of EMD is their ability to conceptualise and execute a website beyond the client's scope of imagination. Personally, when explaining to Daniel what type of website I needed, I too wasn't completely sure on what the final product would look like. Yet, Daniel and his team were able to engage with my requirements and produce a beautiful website that addressed all the minor and major things I needed. I cannot recommend EMD Digital enough and now know that if I have any website projects, I'll be going straight to Daniel and his team.

Chae Jeong, President

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